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Restored Hope Foster Home....The Tide Begins to Turn.

What if you could really make a difference?

Do you really believe it  is within your power to do so?

Believe me, it really is possible....and it starts right here: The Restored Hope Foster Home Project


Since 2010, the Kairos Coalition has been collaborating with an inspiring group of young Vietnamese volunteer animal welfare advocates.  This group, called Yêu Động Vật, literally “Animal Lovers”, has since its founding just a few years ago, rescued and re-homed hundreds of abused and abandoned dogs and cats from the unforgiving streets of Ho Chi Minh City. 


More recently, the Kairos Coalition and Yêu Động Vật have collaborated to equip two disabled cats named Moon and Happy with with wheelchairs and to engineer locally-produced, low-cost versions for other disabled dogs and cats in Vietnam. 




Happy before and after receiving her new wheels!

You can see her try out her new wheelchair for the first time here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0azDS9b9FY8


We have also worked together to implement the first-ever voucher-based spay-and-neuter program in Ho Chi Minh City.  We have together published a Vietnamese language “Go-Veg” guidebook and conducted an inspiring national Humane World Poster contest. 


Our next joint project involves establishing a communal foster home for abandoned companion animals rescued from Vietnam’s streets and from the city’s dog- and cat-meat restaurants.  



Dog and Cat Meat Restaurants in Vietnam


The Restored Hope Foster Home will provide a safe, secure and hygienic communal home where rescued cats and dogs can receive veterinary care and the abundant loving care and socialization that will be necessary for their eventual re-homing into carefully-selected adoptive families.  Lulu, a dog who tried to escape when her family tried to sell her to a dog meat restaurant after they had grown bored with her is just one of the many dogs rescued and re-homed by Yêu Động Vật.


Lulu on her way to her doom…

The Restored Hope Foster Home will also provide a final safe haven for those disabled cats and dogs who are still able to live a joy-filled life, but who may still require specialized care and attention and thus may not be as readily adoptable. Every life has meaning and purpose and must be nurtured and safeguarded.


This joint effort builds on previous Yêu Động Vật’s education, rescue and adoption work over the last several years and we believe it is the next inevitable step in their evolution as Vietnam’s first home-grown, domestic animal welfare advocacy organization.  


Now is the time to act.  Over the last year we have witnessed a dramatic escalation in conflicts between animal lovers and dog thieves operating to supply Vietnam’s Thịt chó (dog meat) restaurants.  We are truly witnessing the convergence of two trends:  The old way of the dog meat trade, where animals didn’t count for much, is coming up against an emerging new trend of keeping true companion animals that are loved, nurtured and valued for their own sake.


You can read more about these “Dog Wars” here: http://www.thanhniennews.com/2010/pages/20110716165422.aspx and here:



Yêu Động Vật’s intends the Restored Hope Foster Home to be a clear and unequivocal beacon of hope for Vietnam’s emerging animal welfare community and as a symbol of their own commitment to “no more homeless pets”.


Now, the real work begins and they can’t do it alone…they need your help and solidarity. 


Real estate in Vietnam, and particularly in Ho Chi Minh City, is particularly expensive especially when you consider that the average annual per capita income is only slightly more than a thousand dollars a year!   The lease on the Restored Hope Foster Home is a heavy burden to bear for an organization comprised mostly of young adults and teens who have thus far largely covered the cost of rent, food and veterinary care from their own salaries.  


In solidarity with Yêu Động Vật’s vision for a more humane Vietnam, the Kairos Coalition has already provided funds to cover the lease through June; however, our goal is to provide security and stability for the project through December 2012. 


Fortunately, a Kairos Coalition supporter has generously agreed to match dollar for dollar every single donation made on behalf of this project.  But we don’t get a dime unless you give first, so I’m asking you today to consider giving generously to this project. 


Every single contribution made on behalf of this Chip-In will go directly to support this project.  Every cent will go toward the lease for the home and towards supplies and medical expenses for the rescues.


Will you support them?  The young people of Vietnam are making a stand for kindness and compassion…will you stand with them and with the animals?


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Comment by Deborah Robbins Millman on April 2, 2012 at 11:10am

Bravo! What a wonderful collaboration! Bob and the Kairos Coalition are an inspiration!

Comment by Ho-Dac Tuc on April 3, 2012 at 1:05am

Can people send or drop by the Foster Home to give money? Or I have to send via visa?


Great work!

Comment by Robert Lucius on April 10, 2012 at 12:04pm

Tuc, that is a great idea! Let me figure out how to best do that, especially for those living in Vietnam!



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