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Many of you will recall our plan to establish a communal foster home for dogs and cats rescued off the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam....a place where these scared and injured animals can find love and be prepared physically and temperamentally for eventual adoption into suitable forever homes. 

The Restored Hope Foster Home opened last spring in part through a grant of $1,500 in March 2012.  We followed up with a subsequent grant of $3,500 in August 2012 and recently transferred an additional $2,000 just last week.  These funds help pay for the lease on the facility and the necessary utilities and supplies.  With the exception of one caretaker, all the labor for the RHFH is provided by volunteers from Yêu Động Vật (Animal Lovers). 

In a few weeks, the RHFH will move to a new house in Ho Chi Minh City's District 2....a bit more rural than the current District 4 location, but also a lot more suitable for the animals.  This relocation will also permit the fostering of a handful of dogs. 

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