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Planting the Seeds of Compassion Scholarship

Kairos Coalition’s Planting the Seeds of Compassion Scholarship has been assisting 74 children of low-income families in Nam Thang village, Tien Hai District, Thai Binh Province, Vietnam since 2012. The pilot program will last five years (2012 - 2017), and is sponsored by the Kairos Coalition and other generous supporters. About half of 74 beneficiaries are members of the local Catholic parish, but the rest of the beneficiaries are non-Catholic children. We provide each Middle School student a scholarship of $50 per year, and each High School student receives $75 annual scholarship. In past years, some of these children completed High School, and then were able to continue their education in college with a $150 tuition scholarship.

In the 2013 – 2014 school year, we had 44 students studying in Middle School, 24 in High School, and 6 in college. During last Easter Season, we gave scholarships worth $5,200 to these beneficiaries. Besides giving them money for tuition, we also create opportunities for these children to spend time together so that they can understand one another better, learn about other’s faith background, develop character values, and build team spirit.

The program has thus far borne good fruit. This scholarship program not only lessens financial burdens on these children and their families, but it also brings them closer to one another. As Father Dominic Tran Van Thuc, who has been helping us run the program, remarked in his annual report.

From the time the scholarship program started, these children have had more opportunities to spend time with one another through gatherings and activities which were meant to help them grow fully as human beings. Moreover, the program gives non-Catholic children opportunities to learn more about religious activities and to interact with religious sisters and parish council members. As a result, non-Catholic children understand Catholicism better and have a more positive attitude toward Catholics.


What we have today is thanks to the generosity of the Kairos Coalition and it supporters. Please continue to support this program so that together we can bring God’s love and joy to these poor children. May God reward your good deeds and bless you and your family abundantly. 

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