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Our first Humane Education project will be conducted in in 2010 using the Humane Edutainment methodology. We hope to meet our fundraising targets by July  in order to kick-off the program right after the beginning of the new school year.

Humane Edutainment uses traditional art forms (puppetry, dance, song, poetry, painting and improvisational theatre) to teach important social messages. This methodology has been used for centuries in Vietnam to convey complex ideas to the widest possible audience.

Western nations are only just now beginning to fully appreciate the full range of negative consequences that our collective decisions have wrought in the areas of the environment, public health, economic vitality and social cohesion over the last fifty years. Vietnam stands at the same developmental crossroads where the United States and other industrialized western economies stood a half-century ago. We have since paid the terrible price for our blind consumer appetites and our collective lack of foresight concerning the range of negative consequences for our environment, our health and our sense of care and compassion for all life on our shared planet.

We believe that a culturally-appropriate Humane Education program can help Vietnam’s future generations re-imagine social consciousness in ways that will be able to contribute to the prevention of decades of unnecessary and destructive abuse in the name of uniformed and rampant commercialism and consumption largely unchecked by ethical and moral limits. Humane Education is an investment in Vietnam’s future and in her youth.

The Humane Edutainment project aims to ignite the fire of transformational change in the hearts of Vietnamese youth through education, motivation and empowerment, thereby creating change agents who will become powerful forces for compassion and kindness within their own communities in pursuit of a cruelty-free and sustainable world.

The Humane Edutainment pilot project will sensitize tens of thousands of Vietnamese youth in a culturally-appropriate ways to those core values associated with Humane Education, including the reverence for all life, respect for the dignity of each person, the power of empathy and mercy, and the compassionate exercise of personal responsibility for achieving a cruelty-free, sustainable world.

Humane Edutainment is 100% compatible with traditional Vietnamese values: The curricula will be developed for Vietnamese by Vietnamese as a complement to traditional ethical and moral teachings.

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Check out our new brochure!
Great brochure! But I wonder if there is a Vietnamese version of it. Better still I think the language in the leaflet should use more concrete terms, showing HOW (i.e. stop eating dog meat in Vietnam etc.).
Thanks for your comments. You are absolutely correct. This brochure was created about a year ago before many of our current projects in Vietnam began.  Our #1 priority is to support the activities of our Vietnamese partners and their priorities, so if you have an idea for a project and need some support to help make it happen, please let me know!

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